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How it works

Select a gym or fitness activity near you to see which one of your friends are members

Set your weekly workout schedule and get reminders to stay active.

App Features


Discover different people that match your style of fitness based on your location.


Send personalized messages to your FitVille community.

Scheduled Reminders

FitVille is designed to keep you accountable. You will receive reminders to create a fitness schedule every week.

Video & Photo Sharing

Share your fitness journey with the FitVille community.

Customize your activities

Select your activities and see which of your friends share the same interests.

Share what you want

FitVille is a “gymtimidation free” zone. So feel free to share your weight class, pictures and videos on your own terms.


How to support this project

We have seen tremendous excitement for the official launch date of FitVille to be out on the market but, we need your help to get it finished. We have launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising enough funding to complete the project.

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